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Our Approach

Helping Businesses Blossom

Msaada Partners strives to truly understand the needs of our customers. Our process fosters collaboration and innovation to ensure we not only understand the core needs of clients, but also help them develop successfully.  Msaada Partners general approach is one we call “Capital Plus”.  That is, we provide access to human capital, intellectual capital, social capital, and financial capital.

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Human Capital

Human Capital is needed when organizations simply lack the person-power or time to tackle some issues on their own.  We seek to understand what is needed and augment the capacity of our customers with additional resources of qualified personnel and time.  In some case, especially those that require research interviews (both internal and external), the client could facilitate the activity; however, it is much more productive to have a third party assume this task as it makes for more accurate and candid responses from those being interviewed.

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Intellectual Capital

Intellectual Capital is when the client may have the bodies and time to focus on issues; however, they do not have the necessary skills to take them on.  This is often encountered with small business owners who excel at their craft; however, they may not have the skillset to accurately balance their accounts or market via social media, for example.  In many cases, Msaada Partners can close this capacity gap given our collective backgrounds and experience across many different industries.  However, we also recognize our limitations and can bring other resources and contacts to bear as necessary.

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Social Capital

Social Capital is the idea of us utilizing the contacts that we (Msaada Partners) bring from over 50 years of collective experience across the public, private, and nongovernmental sectors in Boston, across Massachusetts, and beyond.

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Financial Capital

Financial Capital is traditional capital or access to money. Over the last two years, as we have worked with businesses, we have recognized that in addition to technical assistance, business coaching, and mentoring - what many of them really need is access to money.  We maintain relationships with alternative financing options as well as more traditional lenders.  Msaada Partners also connects clients to state and federal financing entities like the Massachusetts Growth Capital Corporation and the United States Small Business Administration.

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